New York Senate Passes Bill Requiring Motorcycle Awareness Training

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The state of New York is one step closer to bringing a bill into law that would attempt to make the roads safer for motorcyclists and other drivers alike.

In a unanimous vote, S7138 has passed through the State Senate.  The bill aims to make motorcycle awareness training a mandatory component of the courses that all drivers must pass if they hope to receive their license from the Department of Motor Vehicles.  This new requirement would be added to the already-mandatory five hour course that an individual must go through.  The amendment to Vehicle and Traffic Law will task the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles to come up with specific requirements that must be met in the course.

The bill was put forth because Oswego County and other areas have seen an increase in not only motorcycle drivers, but also the number of wrecks and fatalities.  From 2007 to 2010, the number of registered motorcycles increased by 16%.  And according to the state’s DMV, 2009 saw over 5,000 motorcycle accidents, resulting in a total of 152 deaths.

A number of organizations seem to be in support of the new bill.  New York Rider Magazine and various other enthusiasts and motorcycle groups have all voiced their approval of the bill.