Worker’s comp employee caught running marathons, convicted of fraud

Posted on May 22, 2012

A former employee of the United States Post Office was recently convicted of health insurance fraud by a district court in Florida, after she was determined to have participated in the Boston Marathon and more than 80 other long distance foot races while collecting worker’s compensation payments for an injured back. The woman was also charged with and found guilty of making falsified statements. In total her prison sentence may be up to 15 years, though she does not face sentencing until the end of July. The woman initially complained of suffering lower back pain in May of 2009. In response,, her employers relived her of mail carrying duty and assigned her a less strenuous work load so as not to aggravate her back condition. Photos and videos soon began to appear, however, of the woman competing in long distance races, including a triathlon. After her original back pain complaint, records show her race times improving. The United States District Court found the woman guilty of health care fraud. Recently, other race participants have been caught deceiving the public as well, including a London marathon winner who was disqualified after it was discovered he had ridden a public bus for a large portion of the race instead of running it. In a publicized twist of fate, the man recently found employment working as a bus engineer. Another man recently ran 13 miles on a treadmill being transported by hot air balloon, but was not participating in a competition when he did so.

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