Undeclared Milk Prompts Allergy Alert on Jonlly Fruits Beverages

Posted on May 11, 2012

The Bayamon, Puerto Rico-based Jonlly Fruits has issued an allergy alert on a variety of drink products because of their potential to contain a milk derivative not listed on the packaging.

The alert concerns orange, wild cherry, grape, passion fruit, fruit punch, lemon, grapefruit, soursop, guava-pineapple, mandarin, orange light, and orange-carrot beverage products with the brand names Natural Tropic and Jonlly fruit.  Each of these items comes in either a one gallon plastic container or a 64 ounce bottle.

While the Food and Drug Administration was conducting an inspection of the products, they determined that the packaging of the items failed to list sodium caseinate among the ingredients in the product.  As this item is derived from milk, any product that contains it could put persons allergic to milk at risk of facing a life-threatening allergic reaction.

The company was able to eliminate the ingredient’s use by recalibrating the product’s formula, and they also set about creating new labels for those beverages that were already ready to be distributed.

Consumers are being tasked with identifying if the products in their possession have a use by date between March 1 and July 1 of this year.  If so, and if the new label has for some reason not been affixed, affected persons are being advised to get in touch with Jonlly Fruits at once.

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