Trucking advocates encourage everyone to ‘Share the Road’

Posted on May 21, 2012

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, in its ongoing partnership with state transportation departments and the commercial trucking industry to encourage safe driving and cycling habits on roads across the country is urging truck drivers to “Share the Road” with bicyclists. The increased number of bicyclists participating in the recent National Bike to Work Day event prompted the public safety information campaign to issue a list of safety tips intended to make highway travel safer for motorists and cyclists. The key issue, according to safety experts is visibility. Truck drivers, no matter how trained and vigilant cannot easily see certain areas in the area immediately surrounding their commercial vehicles. These zones should be avoided smaller vehicles and bicycles are in danger in these areas. According to a representative of the Oregon Trucking Association, one of the campaign’s sponsors, the intent of this effort to inform the public of the dangerous areas to avoid traveling in when sharing the road with a commercial big rig truck is to discourage the kind of unsafe behavior on the part of motorists, cyclists and commercial truck drivers that leads to accidents resulting in severe injuries or deaths. The Oregon Trucking Association’s website offers more safety information including diagrams detailing the areas to avoid when traveling in close proximity to a commercial big rig truck, along with more information on the commercial trucking advocacy organization and its lobbying efforts.

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