Tips on Staying Safe While Hiking or Camping on Memorial Day

Posted on May 23, 2012

A new article gives tips to those persons who plan to descend on campgrounds and other park areas over the Memorial Day weekend, and even though the report concerns people in the state of Utah, the lessons could be applied just about anywhere.

When taking your family camping or just heading out by yourself or with friends on a hike through nature, it’s important to be aware of potential dangers so that you can stay safe.  If you are out with your family, then it’s advisable to always carefully supervise your children, and even your pets.  A river or stream flowing rapidly or getting higher because of rainfall can be particularly hazardous and requires extra caution.

Those persons who plan to go off-roading are advised to always be responsible, as well as to stick to those areas where such a practice is permitted.  And anyone out hiking should always be prepared for the worst.  A coat, extra food, extra water, and tools to help stoke a fire are simple yet essential items that can help ensure safety should a person get trapped in an unknown area and have to survive for any amount of time.

Anyone planning on utilizing a fire should carefully review the area rules of such a practice before they head out.  All flammable debris such as vegetation should be cleared away, water and a shovel should be nearby in case the fire has to be put out quickly, and everyone should double check that their blaze is out before leaving an area.

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