Third Ferrari FF catches fire, this time in Poland

Posted on May 31, 2012

In Krakow, Poland a Ferrari FF caught fire recently, marking the third incident of a Ferrari FF catching fire within the past several months, including a fire incident that occurred in Germany at the end of 2011 and a fire reported in China in February 2012. The Germany fire incident occurred during a test drive of the vehicle. A witness to the most recent Ferrari FF fire told Polish media that the fire originated from the driver’s side of the car near the pedals in the vehicle’s interior. The flames spread rapidly toward the Ferrari’s engine, causing the vehicle to become completely engulfed and destroyed before the fire department arrived on the scene. The flames burned at such a high temperature, they melted the Ferrari FF’s steel reinforced A pillars. The cause of the fire is currently under investigation. No statement has been issued from either the fire department or the automaker, but auto experts speculate that the cause is most likely different from the cause of the Ferrari FF fire that happened in China because the previous fire originated from the vehicle’s rear and remained confined there until the flames were extinguished. In September of 2010 Ferrari announced a voluntary recall for its 458 Italia in response to several fires caused by a rear wheel adhesive that ignited under specific circumstances. No recall has been issued for the Ferrari FF at this time.

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