Texas says ‘Look Twice’ for motorcycles

Posted on May 1, 2012

May has been designated Motorcycle Safety and Awareness Month, and the Texas Department of Public Safety is taking this as an opportunity to remind motorists to exercise additional safety measures when sharing the road with motorcycles. Motorcycles are less visible than other vehicles, and more vulnerable in the event of a collision. Their smaller size, lower weight, and reduced safety and protection features increase the odds that a traffic accident will result in serious injuries or death. Local law enforcement officials advise that motorists in larger vehicles make an extra effort to look for motorcycles on the road and allow them extra space to maneuver. Motorcyclists can decrease the danger of being involved in a collision by wearing brightly colored clothing and a protective helmet that meets or exceeds federal safety guidelines. Two public safety awareness advertising campaigns currently running throughout the state remind motorists to “Look Twice” for motorcycles and “Share the Road” with them. Drivers are reminded to take extra precautions when changing lanes or approaching an intersection, two situations that commonly lead to collisions involving motorcycles. Approximately 50 percent of all fatal collisions involving motorcycles and larger vehicles in Texas occurred because the motorist did not see the motorcycle in time to take corrective action.

As a car accident attorney in San Jose, I am hopeful that this safety awareness campaign is successful in making the road safer for everyone. If you or someone you love has been injured in a traffic collision of any kind, please consider contacting a San Jose personal injury lawyer.

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