Strangulation Hazard Forces Recall of Girls’ Winter Jackets

Posted on May 8, 2012

Another children’s clothing item is being recalled for a failure to comply with Consumer Product Safety Commission guidelines regarding drawstrings.

This time, the product in question is a Girls’ Winter Jacket sold across the country exclusively at dd’s Discounts stores.  About 2,300 jackets are affected by this recall.  Each of the jackets was produced in China but imported by the Los Angeles-based LA Fashion Hub, the company that issued the recall.

The CPSC’s mandatory guidelines regarding drawstring usage in children’s wear debuted in July 2011, a departure from the merely voluntary standard that had heretofore been used since 1997.  In violation of these new guidelines, the clothing items in question have a drawstring that could potentially strangle the young user, and thus the recall was announced.  No injuries have been reported at this time.

The jackets come in pink, yellow, red or turquoise, and have a design of a flower or a heart on the front.  They were available from dd’s between January of last year and January of this year.  The items cost around $10.  Consumers should take the drawstring out and return the clothing for a refund.

As a side note, this is but one of three recalls affecting jackets sold at dd’s.  All are being recalled for similar reasons.  The other items are YMI girls’ hooded sweatshirts and Goddess girls’ hooded sweatshirts.

I’m disappointed as a Ventura personal injury lawyer to see a potentially dangerous product make its way onto store shelves.  I encourage everyone to follow this recall and the other ones I’ve just mentioned in order to keep their children safe.  Consider it a favor to a personal injury attorney in Fresno.

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