Salmonella contamination prompts Dole bagged salad recall

Posted on May 16, 2012

The potential for salmonella contamination has prompted Dole Fresh Vegetables to issue a voluntary recall for more than 750 cases of its Seven Lettuces bagged salad mix. The United States Food and Drug Administration advises consumers who have purchased bagged salad mix affected by this recall discard the salad mix without attempting to consume it. The Seven Lettuces bagged salad mix affected by this recall is packaged in bags imprinted with a universal product code number of 7143001057, a manufacturer’s product code of 0577N089112A, and an April 11, 2012 expiration date. These bagged salad mixes were distributed for sale in grocery stores across 15 states, including: Wisconsin, Massachusetts, New York, Illinois, Florida, Indiana, Maryland, Mississippi, Michigan, Ohio, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Tennessee, and Alabama. If salmonella contaminated food is ingested, it can cause serious food borne illness marked by symptoms including stomach pain, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. To avoid contracting a food borne illness, the FDA recommends consumers wash all prepackaged produce before use, buy products with the latest expiration dates available, and avoid storing them with meat to reduce the risk of cross contamination. While a thorough rinsing of the bagged salad mix will not prevent consumers from being made ill by products contaminated with salmonella, it may remove residual soil that potentially contains pesticides or other harmful chemicals. Consumers seeking more information on this recall may contact the manufacturer directly or call the FDA’s consumer hotline.


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