Rental Car Companies Clash with Lawmakers Over Recall Bill

Posted on May 24, 2012

Potential legislation that would require all rental car companies to abstain from renting out vehicles that have been recalled is in the works, but a new report shows that there might be some wrangling between parties until a final law is passed.

Laws currently on the books don’t require a rental company to disclose information about or fix recalled vehicles.  But last July, a federal bill was introduced that would prevent the rental or sale of recalled vehicles.  Then, the senator that introduced the bill sent a letter to Enterprise, Avis, Dollar, and Thrifty, asking them to pledge not to loan out recalled cars.

Now, though, one of those companies, Enterprise, has made its own request.  They think it would be reasonable for vehicles with minor issues to be rented out.  For instance, if the defect was as simple as a label on the vehicle having an incorrect load capacity.  A spokesperson for the company stated that, as long as the consumer is informed of the issue, the vehicle should be allowed to be rented.

One other request made is that the legislation be extended to encompass limo, cab, and various other car service companies.

The senator most in favor of the bill says that Enterprise’s current pledge leaves something to be desired.  Even though they have said they won’t rent vehicles that haven’t received necessary repairs, the senator believes that they need to make a policy of that nature permanent.  She also said that they should pledge not to sell the vehicles on the wholesale market.

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