New York Wal-Mart may close due to rodent infestation

Posted on May 30, 2012

State inspections conducted at the Wal-Mart in Monticello, New York, have revealed several signs of a widespread mouse infestation, including thousands of rodent droppings, according to a Consumerist report. The infestation puts the store at risk of being shut down by the state’s health department. Reports of a mouse infestation in the store were being made as early as September of last year, but the latest state inspection report reveals how widespread the problem has become. The last two reports filed by state health inspectors list many “crucial deficiencies” in the store’s health code compliance, including fresh mouse droppings found under and on shelves and in aisles, rodent gnawed food products and product packaging, mouse urine and droppings on the soda shelves, a store flier being used as rodent nesting material in the store’s soup aisle, mouse carcasses in advanced states of decay found under shelving and in the bait section. More than 1,000 fresh mouse droppings were found on the floor area between the juice and egg cooler and the chip and snack display station, and approximately nine pounds of food including bagged cereal and candy were destroyed under signed waiver after they were determined to be contaminated by mouse droppings or bore signs of being gnawed by rodents. According to the United States Centers for Disease Control, many serious illnesses can be contracted by consuming food products or even inhaling dust particles that have been contaminated by rodent feces or urine.

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