Memorial Day marks the start of 100 deadliest days for teen drivers

Posted on May 29, 2012

The number one killer of Unites States teenagers is fatal traffic accidents, and the deadliest time of year for teenage drivers began Memorial Day Weekend. The 100 most dangerous days for novice motorists under the age of 20 extends from Memorial Day to Labor Day of each year. Summer vacation means more teenage drivers on the roads for larger portions of the day, creating more opportunities for teenage drivers to become involved in traffic accidents resulting in severe injury or death. One of the biggest dangers to teenage drivers, according to many safety experts, is the temptation to send or read text messages from behind the wheel of a moving automobile. Teens are more likely to send and read text messages while driving because many feel pressured to respond to text messages within five minutes of receiving them, no matter what activity they are currently engaged in, according to a representative from the communications industry, offering an explanation for why so many teenagers would engage in behavior that nearly 97 percent of them agree is dangerous, according to the results of a recent safety study conducted by AT&T. Several cell phone based software applications designed to prevent drivers from text messaging from behind the wheel have been released recently for a variety of cell phone models. According to safety experts, parents can also discourage their teenage drivers from sending or reading text messages while driving by curbing their own distracted driving habits. More than three-fourths of the teens surveyed reported seeing their parents texting while driving.

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