Listeria Risk Prompts Recall of Gills Diced Red Onions

Posted on May 21, 2012

I just reported to you the recall of a product due to the possibility of a Listeria monocytogenes contamination, and right on the heels of that comes the same threat affecting a different product.

The Oxnard, California-based Gills Onions has announced the recall of 2,360 pounds of diced red onions.  These onions were available in seven ounce clamshell packages at the retail level and five pound bags at the foodservice level.  Each affected item has the lot code of 51RDA1A2119, regardless of whether it came in a bag or a clamshell package.  However, the individual seven ounce package has a use by date of May 17, while the larger bags were set to expire on either May 14 or 15.

The product, in addition to being available across the United States in 14 different states, including California, was also distributed throughout Canada.  Indeed, it was in fact the Canadian Food Inspection Agency that uncovered the listeria threat in the first place during routine testing.  Listeria, as you might be aware, can cause diarrhea, fever, or nausea in healthy individuals, or lead to a more serious infection in those whose immune systems are weakened.

There have thankfully not been any reported illnesses in conjunction with this recall.  To keep it this way, the company is asking all persons who think they might have the item to get rid of it immediately.

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