June is No Texting, Just Driving Month in North Carolina

Posted on May 30, 2012

Police across the entire country are doing whatever they can to cut down on distracted driving, and the state of North Carolina is no different.

The entire month of June is now being considered No Texting, Just Driving education month.  The No Texting, Just Driving campaign aims to spread awareness about the dangerous practice of texting while driving, especially among teenagers whom studies have shown are most at risk.  Last year, the North Carolina Highway Patrol, who announced the campaign, investigated 120 teenage deaths resulting from automobile accidents.

The campaign is going to consist of a number of factors.  First, various public service announcements will be dispersed through radio and television, and a number of presentations will be held throughout the state in order to raise awareness even further.  Posters, pledge cards, windshield stickers, informational literature, and more will also be handed out in order to make the campaign a success.

The announcement was made at the Charlotte Motor Speedway.  Officials have taken pains to state that June is just the kickoff of the initiative, and increased enforcement and education will continue for the foreseeable future.  The NCHP is asking that motorists report distracted driving when it’s safe to do so from their cell phone by calling #HP.  Texting while driving in North Carolina currently carries a $100 fine plus whatever court costs get accrued.

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