Injury Hazard Prompts Recall of Reflectors by Cooper Lighting

Posted on May 23, 2012

A lighting item that could pose a threat to anyone who travels beneath it has been recalled.

The Peachtree City, Georgia-based company Cooper Lighting LLC announced the recall, which concerns a product known as the Portfolio 7-inch reflector assembly with glass lens.  This item is circular in shape and is designed to be placed inside a light fixture.  The reflectors are most typically used in indoor commercial settings like schools and offices.  It should be noted that the recall does not pertain to items whose outer surface has a stamped barcode.

Around 21,000 units in total are affected by the recall of the American-made product.  The problem with these units is that the reflectors can simply fall out of the fixture, potentially injuring anyone who happens to be directly underneath the item at the time of the dislodging.  23 reports of the item coming unlatched from the fixture have been reported to Cooper Lighting, although none of those occurrences led to a person getting hurt.

The items were sold across the country between May 2008 and this past February.  They ran customers anywhere from $50 to $100.  Maintenance workers in affected buildings are being advised to check to see if these reflectors have been installed, and if they have, the items should be removed at once.  Cooper has said they will give customers replacement springs that should better affix the items.

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