Honda recalls Acura TLs due to possible fire hazard

Posted on May 24, 2012

At the request of the United States National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, American Honda Motor Company has announced a voluntary recall for more than 52,000 Acura TL passenger vehicles. The affected vehicles are Acura TLs from model years 2007 and 2008. These Acura TLs might be equipped with defective power steering fluid hoses. Over time, the heat generated by the power steering fluid under the hood of the vehicle may cause the power steering hose to deteriorate at an unexpectedly advanced rate. Failure of the power steering hose can cause power steering fluid to leak onto the catalytic converter, which becomes hot when the vehicle is in motion. This circumstance can lead to smoking under the hood, and possibly even an engine fire. Honda will begin notifying the owners of the potential defect and its related safety issues in the near future. Consumers in possession of Acura TL sedans affected by this recall may return them to authorized Acura dealerships, where the potentially defective hose will be replaced with a more heat resistant hose at no cost to the consumer. The recall is expected to be announced on or around June 15, 2012. More information on this recall and other vehicle recalls can be obtained by contacting the manufacturer directly or by calling the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s Vehicle Safety Hotline. The campaign identification number for the National Highway Safety Administration is 12V222000, and the Honda campaign identification number is S39.

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