Fall Hazard Prompts Recall of Happy Mouth Horse Bits

Posted on May 31, 2012

An item that is used by horse riders is being recalled because it could cause said riders to be thrust from their mount.

The item in question is the Happy Mouth Wire Mouth Bit manufactured by the Kobe, Japan-based Soyo International Corporation and imported from Korea by the Scranton, Pennsylvania-based English Riding Supply.  These items have a plastic mouthpiece etched with the words “Happy Mouth.”  This piece is attached to a metal ring on each end by way of a braided steel wire that runs through the plastic.  Eight models are affected by the recall, for a total of 3,400 units.

The product was recalled because the wire that runs through the item is in danger of wearing, fraying, and rusting, all of which could lead the component to break.  A rider might then be tossed from the horse due to the sudden lack of control.  Four reports of a breakage have been made, and in those instances, riders suffered bruises, back pain, and various fractures and breaks.

The items were available online, via mail order, or in equestrian retail outlets between July 2003 and this past April.  They retailed from $30 to $51.  Anyone with the item in their possession is being advised to cease using them when riding their horse.  They should instead bring them back to either the retailer where purchased or English Riding Supply to get a refund.

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