EVGA issues voluntary recall for untested Superclock boards

Posted on May 17, 2012

Due to an error in the manufacturing process that allowed computer components to be distributed for sale before they were subjected to the company’s quality control testing process, EVGA, a computer graphics card manufacturer, has announced a partial voluntary recall for its Geforce GTX 670 Superclock boards. The Geforce GTX 670 Superclock boards affected by this recall were part of an early batch of the computer components that were not tested under the company’s standard quality control testing procedures before they were distributed for sale to consumers. The problems some customers are experiencing with their Superclock boards can be attributed to the fact that some of these cards did not complete testing procedures, the manufacturer contends in a written statement. EVGA’s routine quality assurance testing procedure includes various diagnostic examinations along with the verification of component quality and an extensive evaluation meant to identify burn in issues. According to the statement issued by EVGA the products released after completing the diagnostic testing The company is currently working to retest these graphics cards, and representatives from EVGA are currently instructing consumers who have purchased the Geforce GTX 670 Superclock boards (P/N: 02G-P3-2672-KR) and are currently experiencing computer performance issues related to the graphics cards to contact the manufacturer. EVGA is currently offering owners of malfunctioning Superclock boards the chance to upgrade to the GTX 670 FTW version (P/N: 02G-P3-26 85-KR) at no additional charge.

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