Blood Loss Risk Prompts Moog to Recall Intravenous Medical Device

Posted on May 23, 2012

A medical device meant to provide intravenous medication to patients afflicted by a variety of conditions has been recalled because of a discovery that the items might not work correctly.

The recall was announced by the Moog Medical Devices Group, a company based out of Salt Lake City, Utah.  The product in question is the Curlin Intravenous Administration Set.  72 lots are affected by the recall, which concerns those units that were distributed across the United States from last December up to this month.

The recall was initiated after customers began to complain about the item pumping in reverse.  The problems inherent in this defect are threefold.  First, the medication that the person was supposed to get in their system would not be delivered at prescribed levels.  This in turn could lead to crucial therapy being delayed.  Thirdly, the reverse flow of the item could lead to the user losing blood, a process known as desanguination.

Thankfully, none of the reported instances of the problem occurring led to an injury or a death.  544,000 items are affected by the recall.  Moog has stated that they plan on contacting both distributors and direct customers to talk them through the process of getting the item replaced with a product that does not have the potential safety issue.

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