Baby bird feed may contain unsafe vitamin D levels

Posted on May 14, 2012

Two varieties of Kaytee brand baby bird feed have been voluntarily recalled by their manufacturer due to dangerously high levels of vitamin D. This recall has been issued by Kaytee’s parent company Central Garden & Pet, at the request of the United States Food and Drug Administration. Due to an error that occurred during the manufacturing process, an amount of vitamin D exceeding the amount required by federal safety guidelines was added to a single mixing batch of the baby bird formula. The company reports that after an extensive investigation of this incident, it has determined that this dangerously heightened vitamin D level is only present in this one isolated mixing batch. Birds ingesting this level of vitamin D may experience kidney failure. Symptoms of kidney failure caused by a vitamin D overdose include fatigue and inactivity, frequent urination, vomiting, dehydration and loss of appetite. The products affected by this recall are Kaytee exact Hand Feeding Formula Baby Birds and Kaytee exact Hand Feeding Formula Baby Macaw with expiration dates ranging from March 9, 2013 to May 16, 2013. Consumers in possession of this product should discontinue its use immediately and take any birds that have ingested the potentially harmful feed to the veterinarian for examination and possible blood testing. Purchasers of affected products can contact the manufacturer directly for information on obtaining a refund of the full purchase price for this product.

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