3-D site inspection software announced at safety conference

Posted on May 3, 2012

Government regulators and professional construction firms, more than 350 people in all, attended the 2012 Build Safe/Live Safe Conference held in Times Square in New York City in response to the Buildings Commission’s 8th annual Construction Safety Week, an event aimed at promoting construction safety. At the conference, the Buildings Department revealed its new program for submitting 3D Site Safety Plans. Buildings Department inspectors in the city will begin accepting three dimensional, interactive site safety plans from contractors to speed the department’s approval process and increase the detail at which the contractor’s safety plans can be examined for potential issues.

A site safety plan submitted under this system can be examined by a building inspector in virtual space, allowing the inspector to make a step by step analysis of the plan and its implementation process, down to details such as the proposed locations of heavy equipment and plumbing system installation. New York City is one of the first major metropolitan areas in the world to adopt the 3-D site safety plan application process, which allows contractors to submit their plans digitally through a government website.

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