Surprise commercial vehicle inspections uncover 355 violations

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Law enforcement officers in Nebraska recently conducted nearly 100 unannounced commercial vehicle inspections in Sarpy County and uncovered hundreds of safety guideline violations. These inspections, conducted by the Nebraska State Patrol in cooperation with the Sarpy County Sheriff’s Office, focused on commercial vehicles that ordinarily escape the notice of inspectors because they stay within city limits and do not often travel through highway weigh stations. In a single day, inspectors from the Metropolitan Aggressive and Prevention Selective Teams conducted 96 inspections and found 355 violations, requiring 39 vehicles to be suspended from service. Commercial vehicles were taken off the road for a number of safety violations including tire and brake defects and performance issues that endanger the well being of their drivers and others sharing the road with the commercial vehicle. Five commercial vehicle drivers were also suspended from service for various license related issues. Citations worth a total of nearly $5,500 in fines were issued to commercial motorists in the one day focused enforcement campaign. According to a statement issued by a representative from the Nebraska State Patrol, the Metropolitan Aggressive and Prevention Selective Teams inspections are conducted in order to hold commercial vehicles that don’t normally pass through weigh stations accountable to the same regulations governing long distance commercial vehicles with routes requiring routine inspections. The Sarpy County inspections marked the third such focused enforcement effort conducted by the Metropolitan Aggressive and Prevention Selective Teams in Nebraska this year.