Shitake-Ya Mushrooms Recalled Due to Fungicide Contamination

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Today brings word of another food product having to be recalled because of a potential danger the item could pose to consumers.

The items in question are gourmet shitake mushroom slices under the Shitake-Ya brand of products.  The recall was announced by the Huntington Beach-based L.A. Link Corporation, the manufacturers of the item.  Each of the affected items will have a sell by date of April 16, 2013.  It’s unclear from the report exactly how many of the items are affected by the recall.

The recall was initiated following testing by the Food and Drug Administration that turned up traces of carbendazim, a type of fungicide meant to control various diseases in plants.  The product could also be at risk of contamination from other chemicals as well.

The mushrooms in question typically are dried out before selling, and then consumers can use them for cooking.  The items, which have woody stems and a thick and meaty cap, are most typically seen in a variety of Asian dishes.  These particular mushrooms were only sold in Oregon, Washington, and right here in California.  They were only available, though, at Costco.

Consumers who believe they have this item in their possession should err on the side of caution and throw out the mushrooms.  There’s no word form the report on any procedures in place for returning the product.