Airbag issue prompts recall of 4,300 Chevy Malibus

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A potential airbag malfunction has prompted General Motors Limited Liability Company to issue a voluntary recall for more than 4,300 Chevrolet Malibu passenger vehicles. This recall has been announced for Chevrolet Malibus from model year 2013 due to a potential issue with the vehicle’s electrical system software. When a driver brakes aggressively, the vehicles affected by this recall may experience a malfunction in the sensing and diagnostic module causing it to reset itself. If this sensor module resets during a sharp turn, the module may mistakenly detect a vehicle rollover, causing the vehicle’s roof rail airbag to deploy unexpectedly, possibly startling the driver and increasing the likelihood that the vehicle will become involved in an auto collision. In addition, the airbags or seatbelt pretensioning systems may not be activated in the event of an accident, increasing the danger of severe injury or death. General Motors plans to inform owners of affected vehicles in the near future. Consumers in possession of Chevy Malibus affected by this recall may return them to authorized Chevrolet dealerships, where the sensing and diagnostic module will be reprogrammed at no cost to the vehicle’s owner. More information about this recall can be obtained by contacting General Motors directly and referencing campaign identification number 12102, or by calling the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s Vehicle Safety Hotline and referencing campaign identification number 12V224000. United States law forbids the selling of vehicles under safety recall.