Parker Trailers recalls 7 vehicles due to potential brake defect

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At the request of the United States National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Parker Trailer Sales Incorporated has issued a recall for seven of its trailers due to a possible defect that can lead to unexpected brake failure. The Parker Trailers affected by this recall were distributed for sale in model year 2012 under the following model numbers: HP7720, GNTD9635, GNTD9633, GNTD9630, GNTD9632, and GNTD10240. The Dexter brand electric hydraulic brake actuator pumps installed in these trailers may contain defective components that can malfunction rendering the Dexter brand electric hydraulic actuator pumps inoperable. The electric hydraulic brake actuator pumps provide the power source for the affected trailer’s brake systems, so a brake actuator pump malfunction may cause the trailers’ brakes to fail, increasing the likelihood that the trailer could become involved in an accident possibly leading to serious injury or death. Parker Trailer Sales Incorporated plans to begin informing the owners of trailers affected by this recall in mid June of 2012. Consumers in possession of these trailers may return them to their original place of purchase where a licensed technician will make any needed repairs to the Dexter Brand electric hydraulic brake actuator pump at no cost to the consumer. More information on this recall can be obtained by calling the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s Vehicle Safety Hotline and referencing campaign identification number 12V210000 and action number EQ12003. It is illegal under United States law to resell a product under safety recall.