Laceration Hazard Prompts Recall of Cookware Set from Costco

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An item that was only being sold at Costco has been recalled due to the danger it poses to consumers.

The Vallejo, California-based Meyer Corporation U.S. announced the recall of their Circulon Cookware Set.  This set contains 13 pieces of Premier Professional cookware, all of it made of rubber, stainless steel, and aluminum.  However, only one of the products contained within this set poses a threat to safety, and that would be the 11 inch diameter lid that goes atop the five quart saute pan.  Consumers should be able to identify this item by the code IMCP1108 along the lid’s metal rim.

This lid puts consumers at risk of laceration because it is susceptible to breaking, cracking, or shattering outright.  Consumers have already made known 65 instances of the product breaking, although thankfully, none of those occurrences led to reported injuries.

Around 4,600 cookware sets are affected by the recall.  Produced in Thailand and China, the items could only be bought in a Costco store or online at Costco’s website.  It cost around $200 for the entire set, which was sold between October of last year and this past March.

The company is advising that anyone with the item in their possession stop using the 11 inch lid.  Circulon’s customer service lines are reportedly open and representatives can help consumers in gaining a replacement item.