Honda recalls more than 50,000 Acuras due to power steering leaks

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At the request of the United States National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Honda Motor Company has announced a voluntary recall for an estimated 53,000 Acura TL sedans in the United States due to an issue with potentially defective power steering hoses. Acura is Honda’s luxury brand. The vehicle’s power steering hose may deteriorate with routine daily use and begin to leak power steering fluid while in motion. A loss of power steering fluid could result in the vehicle’s power steering failing unexpectedly, putting the driver at an increased risk of losing control of the vehicle and possibly becoming involved in a collision. Additionally, the leaking power steering fluid poses a possible fire hazard. The Acura TL sedans affected by this recall are from model years 2007 and 2008. In 2008, Honda announced a recall for a similar problem affecting 273,000 TL sedans from model years 2007 and 2008. Honda will begin notifying consumers of this recall via mail in campaign in the near future. Owners of Acura TL sedans affected by this recall can return them to authorized Acura dealerships for a free replacement power steering hose, if needed, at no cost to the consumer. Consumers seeking more information on this recall to determine whether their vehicles are affected by this possible safety issue can obtain it from the Acura website, or call the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s Vehicle Safety Hotline.