FDA Looking Into Risks Associated with Azithromycin

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The results of a new drug study have prompted the Food and Drug Administration to issue a statement regarding where they stand on the product’s risk potential.

The New England Journal of Medicine today released a report that detailed how persons who were given a five day course of the drug known as azithromycin, such as what’s contained in Zithromax, had a slightly greater risk of death from a variety of causes, including cardiovascular issues, than did persons who either didn’t receive treatments or were treated with ciprofloxacin or amoxicillin.

In responding to this study, the FDA is saying that they are reviewing the results and will release more information about their findings or any potential risks when they complete said review.  In the meantime, the agency is warning consumers not to refrain from taking the drug unless they have discussed the matter with their doctors.

In March of this year, the drug label on Zmax was altered to include new information about a small heightened risk of what’s known as QT interval prolongation.  This decision was made following a review by the FDA of drug labeling information on macrolides.  Azithromycin is a part of this drug class.

The FDA is advising patients and doctors alike to contact them through the MedWatch program should any issues arise in conjunction with azithromycin.