Fall Hazard Causes Recall of Aqua-Leisure Kids' Trampoline

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A product is being recalled due to the hazard it poses to children using the item.

The recall of the First Fitness Trampoline with Handlebars was announced by the Avon, Massachusetts-based Aqua-Leisure Industries.  Around 40,000 units are encompassed by the recall, which was initiated when it was discovered that the handlebar positioned atop the trampoline can break while in use.  This occurs due to metal fatigue, and when it happens, the child can fall and or cut themselves on a metal surface that suddenly becomes exposed.

The firm has obtained four reports of the metal connection joint wearing away and the handlebars breaking apart.  None of these instances resulted in an injury to the user, thankfully.  However, parents and guardians are being urged to take the trampoline out of a child’s reach and obtain a refund from Aqua-Leisure.

The item, which was manufactured in China, is blue with a black trampoline and a red and blue handlebar.  It says “First Fitness” on the jumping deck, which is also where consumers can identify the factory date code.  A sewn-on tag will have the letters GLTX as the last four digits.  The packaging lists the SKN as 491463 and the model number as FF-6902TR.

The trampolines were only available for purchase at Toys R Us.  They were sold across the country between September 2010 and last month, and they retailed from $45 to $70.