Five Companies Agree to Assist in Recall of Tots in Mind Crib Tents

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Sometimes, as you’ll see in this next story, it’s up to retailers to step up to the plate when a company that sells a defective product stops operating.

Tots in Mind, Inc., who was responsible for manufacturing a number of defective crib tents and play yard tents, has gone out of business.  Those tents were determined to have a safety hazard, and now, to make sure that the items can still get returned properly, Bed Bath & Beyond, Buy Buy Baby, Toys R Us, Babies R Us, Amazon, Walmart, and the Burlington Coat Factory have all agreed to give any consumers who purchased the items from one of the aforementioned stores either store credit or a full refund, depending on the store.

The products in question pose an entrapment and a strangulation hazard.  It was because of these hazards that a recall had to be initiated on July 15, 2010.  There have been 27 reported instances of the item malfunctioning and endangering the child inside.  In one of those instances, a boy of just two years old died because he became trapped between rails.  And in another case, another two year old suffered a brain injury due to the crib tent inverting and harming the child.

330,000 units have the potential defect, and various models are encompassed by the recall.  The best way for customers to identity the product is to look for a two inch wide Tots in Mind logo near the top of the tent.