Glassman and Boyle Find Opportunities to Chip Away at Prop 51

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In the January/February issue of Forum, our firm’s very own Robert Glassman and Kevin Boyle discuss the ways that personal injury lawyers can get around the legal hurdles imposed by Proposition 51.  Thanks to the efforts of tort reformers and insurance companies, this proposition was passed way back in 1986.  Basically, the measure limited the noneconomic damages that were available to persons filing a personal injury claim.  It did so by making defendants liable only in proportion to the degree at which they were at fault in an accident.

However, a California Supreme Court decision has caused many appellate courts to reevaluate how they apply the new law, and in numerous instances, it’s been determined that Prop 51 simply should not come into play.  Our firm’s attorneys have done an incredible job elaborating upon those situations where personal injury lawyers can get around the blockade imposed by Proposition 51.  It’s essential reading for anyone struggling to obtain a fair amount of compensation for an injured client.

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