101 Ford F150s Recalled Due to Passenger Airbag Defect

Posted on May 14, 2012

A relatively small number of Ford F150s have been recalled by the manufacturer due to a defect that compromises the safety of a vehicle’s passenger.

The recall affects 101 vehicles that were produced between November 6 and November 15 of last year.  It’s been surmised that the defect that prompted the recall could have come about either during a service repair or during the time of manufacture.  Either way, the results were the same:  The Occupant Classification System Module was installed with incorrect software.

What this means to the consumer is that the front seat passenger in each of the affected vehicles might get classified improperly while the vehicle is in operation.  As such, the side airbag on that person’s side of the truck either a) does not deploy in a side collision b) deploys, but does so in a way not intended by the system, or c) deploys during normal vehicle use without a crash making it do so.  Any of these things could lead to the passenger being injured.

Owners can expect to receive some sort of notification from Ford around May 21.  At that time, they will be able to bring the vehicles into a dealer to have a new Occupation Classification System Module installed on the truck.  This will be done without cost to the consumer.

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