Ohio legislature reconsiders texting ban

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A committee in the Ohio state senate is currently reconsidering introducing legislation that would prohibit drivers from sending and receiving text messages while operating a moving motor vehicle. The bill under consideration would punish text messaging while driving with a fine of up to $150. Under the legislation, engaging in text messaging while behind the wheel of a moving automobile would be considered a minor misdemeanor. Though the Republican majority in Ohio’s state House of Representatives has passed its version of this bill, but the legislation has been delayed in the state senate. According to senate leadership, the bill might be difficult for law enforcement officers to implement. The version of the bill currently being considered by the senate might include an amendment to prevent drivers under the age of 18 from using electronic handheld communication devices for any purpose while driving an automobile. The bill might be up for vote by the full senate later this week. Currently 35 states and the District of Columbia legally prohibit drivers from sending and receiving text messages while behind the wheel of a motor vehicle in motion.

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