Trucking Mentors Program Educates Teens on Big Rig Safety

Posted on April 20, 2012

A non-profit organization dedicated to educating children about trucker safety is expanding its purview.

Trucker Buddy International has announced a program wherein truckers will be paired up with high schools in an effort to teach students at those high schools the importance of big rig safety.  This program is going to be called Trucking Mentors.

This is the latest step by Trucker Buddy to positively impact safety along the highway and build a positive image of commercial drivers. The original Trucker Buddy program paired truckers with schools that taught children in the Kindergarten to eighth grade range.  These truckers would be carefully screened and then allowed to regularly communicate with classrooms so that the kids could see what a trucker’s life is like.

This new program aims to take that one step further.  Truckers that volunteer in the program can visit the high school they get paired with a couple times a year to talk about how to properly navigate the highway when in the vicinity of a big rig truck.  A spokesperson for Trucker Buddy emphasized the need for teens who are in the process of getting their license to understand the responsibilities inherent in driving a vehicle.

I’m glad to see these kinds of programs as a car accident attorney in Ventura.  It’s crucial that those driving for the first time learn about all possible aspects of highway safety.  As a Ventura personal injury lawyer, I truly believe that education goes a long way toward preventing vehicular accidents.

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