Target Bunny Sippy Cup Hazardous To Child’s Eyes is Recalled

Posted on April 26, 2012

A massive recall has been issued for a children’s product that was sold exclusively at Target.

The Minneapolis-based company issued the recall after it was discovered that their Target Home Bunny Sippy Cups posed a hazard to the children drinking from those cups.  Specifically, the cups have bunny ears that protrude out from the top of the item.  A child using the cup can poke himself or herself in the eye with these ears, making them unsafe for use.  Six instances of this have come to the attention of Target, and three of those instances resulted in cuts or bruises.

This recall encompasses a wide swath of cups; around 264,000 in point of fact.  The sippy cups have lids that make them look like bunnies.  There is a blue boy bunny cup and a pink girl bunny cup.  The cups, which were made in China, were available for purchase during the Easter season, going on sale in February and staying on shelves until April 5.  They cost $3 a piece.

Target is willing to provide a complete refund to any persons who have the item in their possession.  Consumers are also being advised to remove the cups from a child’s grasp at once.

It’s striking to a San Jose personal injury attorney like me that such an innocent looking object could pose such a threat.  I hate to see products of any sort create a danger, of course, but it’s even sadder to a personal injury lawyer in Fresno like me when these items affect children.

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