South Africa urges motorists to Think Pedestrian

Posted on April 16, 2012

Think Pedestrian, a newly launched public safety awareness initiative, sponsored by local businesses in cooperation with the United Nations, aims to make the roads in South Africa safer by educating drivers and pedestrians about the risks associated with roadway travel, and the best ways to avoid these dangers.

The significantly large number of deaths caused by traffic collisions in South Africa is a cause for concern to the program’s backers, who are aiming to reduce the number of collision fatalities occurring in South Africa over the next decade.

According to South African highway safety experts, more than 40 percent of all accident fatalities in the country are pedestrians. Throughout the country, approximately 40 traffic collisions occur daily, and about 14,000 occur on a yearly basis, on average.

These statistics, are improving however. The number of traffic accidents occurring over a recent holiday weekend was less than the number that occurred during the same period in the previous year.

In addition to installing speed bumps, road signs, and other highway safety improvement features throughout the country, the Think Pedestrian initiative will focus identifying local road hazards and getting the community involved in the improvement process.

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