Shock Hazard Causes Recall of 48,000 Battery Travel Chargers

Posted on April 19, 2012

An item that is supposed to keep batteries charged is being recalled due to a safety hazard.

The Edison, New Jersey-based Sakar International announced the recall of the Digital Concepts Compact Travel Charger today after it was discovered that the item can pose a shock hazard to consumers.  The casing of the item can come apart, exposing the interior portion of the product.  This occurs because the plastic that holds the item’s screws in place can break.

Thankfully, there have yet to be any reported instances of this defect occurring.  The recall covers a whopping 48,000 units, all of which were produced in China.  Customers can tell if they have the affected item by looking at the white label on the AA or AAA battery charger.  If this label has the item numbers CH-1600S or CH-1600-RS, then it is one of the recalled units.

These chargers were available across the country at Cobra Digital, Ocean State Jobbers, Lot-Less, and perhaps most notably, Radioshack.  Retailing for around $10, they were sold from January of last year until this past February.  Customers should contact Sakar about a free replacement and cease use in the meantime.

I find it quite disconcerting as a San Francisco personal injury lawyer that so many thousands of products could be recalled in one fell swoop.  Recalls of this size are troubling because so many people can be injured by the item.  I hope as a Bakersfield personal injury attorney that these chargers get returned before damage can be incurred by a consumer.

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