Safety Hazard Prompts Recall of Cribs Sold at JC Penney

Posted on April 12, 2012

News broke today about a recall on a crib that might be dangerous for the child within it.

The recall concerns a number of Rockland Furniture drop-side cribs manufactured by Nan Far Woodworking.  Specifically, the affected models are called the Cottage Standard, the Nightingale Spindle, the Renew Standard, the Renew Convertible, and a model that’s simply called the Drop-Side Crib and Changer.  16,700 units are affected.

Five reports have come into the Consumer Product Safety Commission in which the drop sides malfunctioned.  In one of these instances, the child became stuck, suffering minor injuries.

The hazard from these products is twofold.  The child can become wedged in the space left by the defective drop sides, which would put him or her at risk of suffocating.  The second risk comes from the child falling out of the crib and sustaining damage.  Extensive use and poor assembly can further contribute to the risk of a crib failure.

The items were only sold through JC Penney, where they retailed from $150 to $400 between 2005 and 2008.  Consumers are advised to have their children sleep elsewhere until they can get in touch with Nan Far Woodworking, who have pledged to provide a repair kit at no charge.

I find children’s product recalls to be particularly maddening as a Fresno personal injury lawyer.  Parents rely on companies that make children’s products to keep their little ones safe, and they shouldn’t have to worry that that trust is being compromised.  Considering that cribs often get passed around to multiple families, I hope as a San Jose personal injury attorney that no one unwittingly uses this crib without the proper repairs being made.

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