Recalls prompt Toyota to revamp production process

Posted on April 24, 2012

Several recent recalls have prompted Toyota Motor Corporation to focus on innovating its manufacturing process. These innovations include a high speed laser welding process designed to make the construction of the company’s luxury automobile models more stable, and a specialized stamping method that will shape door molds in to customizable forms. The automaker also announced its development of a scalable assembly line that can adjust to meet the needs of a modified production schedule on two days’ notice. Toyota executives said that the large production line the automaker previously employed becomes unnecessary when the demand for automobiles is reduced. The line must be adaptable, company representatives say, because environmental and fuel economy regulations are frequently changing, and the automaker must be able to adjust to meet the new safety and ecological guidelines which often require minute part modifications.

The media was allowed an unprecedented tour of the Toyota manufacturing plant showcasing these modifications. Photography was not allowed, but the media noted that the cars being made were transported on rolling stands as opposed to hanging from the ceiling, as in a typical motor vehicle manufacturing plant.

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