Portland Shellfish Shut Down by FDA For Safety Breaches

Posted on April 11, 2012

Another plant is being shut down by the Food and Drug Administration until they can correct numerous safety flaws.

This time, the factory in question is a seafood processing plant in Portland, Maine.  The aptly named Portland Shellfish company based out of that city was shut down by the FDA because the company has exhibited a number of violations of various safety and health regulations and laws at the federal level.

The company will not be able to reopen for business until they demonstrate to the FDA that they have addressed their concerns.  Doing so would entail the safety procedures and plans in place being updated to ensure that their seafood is fit for consumption.

The letter that the FDA sent to the company points to how, in February, a shrimp conveyor belt tested positive for the bacteria known as listeria, which can cause listeriosis.

In addition to the plant shutdown, Portland is required to recall and destroy an estimated $25,000 in shrimp and lobster.  The president of the company believes the FDA is going too far with its punishment.

This isn’t the first time a shutdown of Portland Shellfish has happened.  A similar production halt was administered by the FDA in January 2011.

As a personal injury lawyer in San Bernardino, I’m still shocked by how many companies fail to follow important safety procedures.  It’s my hope that this company gets its safety issues worked out, and I hope as a Ventura personal injury attorney that no one suffers an illness due to this or any other contamination.

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