Pennsylvania passes bicycle safety law

Posted on April 13, 2012

 In Pennsylvania, a bill recently signed into law by the state’s governor will require motorists to take extra steps to prevent colliding with bicycles. Drivers will be required to yield the right of way to any oncoming bicycle keep at least four feet of distance between their vehicles and bicyclists. The bill will also allow motorists to cross the center lane of a road, oncoming traffic permitting, in order to avoid a bicycle while passing it on the left. Currently, 19 other states have similar laws in place, but Pennsylvania’s is the only law requiring motorists to keep more than three feet of distance from bicyclists.

Safety experts employed by Pennsylvania’s Department of Transportation recommend motorists follow several safety tips when sharing the road with slower moving bicycles. Primarily, drivers should make sure their vehicles are moving at a safe speed. Slow down when in close proximity to a bicyclist to avoid a collision, experts advise. After passing a bicycle, avoid slowing down suddenly or braking unexpectedly to prevent a rear end collision, and only honk your horn near a bicycle in cases of absolute necessity.

As a car accident attorney in San Francisco, I sincerely hope the roads can be made safer for everyone, but if you or someone you love has been injured in an accident involving any sort of vehicle, please consider discussing your case with a personal injury attorney in San Francisco.

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