Peanut Presence Prompts Harry and David BBQ Almond Recall

Posted on April 16, 2012

Barbeque almonds are the latest item to get the recall treatment.

The product in question is Harry & David Premium Kansas Style Barbeque Almonds.  The items, which come in two ounce bags, may contain peanuts, an allergen that could cause allergic persons to have a severe reaction if they consume the product.  205 bags are affected by this recall.

The items were sold in ten states across the country, including right here in California.  They were available for purchase starting March 29 of this year, and their use by date is September 28.

Personnel discovered the peanut presence last Tuesday.  A third party supplier had shipped bulk product to Harry & David, and this bulk product contained peanuts.  The bags in question actually have the words “May contain trace amounts of allergens not listed in the ingredients.”  However, the company is being cautious and issuing the recall anyway due to the increased risk to allergic persons associated with the peanuts’ presence in the almond product.

Concerned consumers are being advised to subsist from consuming the almonds and instead to bring the bag back to a Harry & David retailer.  Harry & David will provide a complete refund on the product.

Allergens are a very serious threat to those who suffer a reaction from such ingredients, and as a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer, I hate to see an item compromised.  This recall shows that even a warning label isn’t always enough to protect consumers, which is enough to shock even a personal injury lawyer in San Diego like myself.

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