Pax-All Banned From Exporting Goods to America by FDA

Posted on April 5, 2012

The Food and Drug Administration has told a Canadian company that until they meet certain demands, they will be unable to pedal their goods south of the border in the United States.

Pax-All Manufacturing, based out of the Canadian city of Mississauga, is the recipient of a letter from the FDA calling them out on what the safety agency says are poor production procedures that could endanger health.  Pax-All is a cosmetic and drug company that makes things like deodorant, soaps, and various other cosmetics.

The FDA sent agents to inspect a Pax-All facility last September.  During that inspection, the investigators reportedly found a number of things that gave them pause.  First, they cited the company for a failure to maintain their equipment so as to prevent contamination of their products.  They also targeted quality control as an area in which Pax-All is not up to standards put in place to ensure public health.

The manufacturing company is also being accused of poor product testing habits, a lack of a storage and expiration date assessment program, and unreliable labeling.  The FDA also targeted the company’s practice of using duct tape and cardboard when a filling line needs to be repaired.

As a Riverside personal injury lawyer, I’m glad to see the FDA crack down on a company that might be endangering public health.  I hope that the issues get resolved, and until they do, it’s my hope as a San Diego personal injury attorney that no one gets injured due to Pax-All’s potentially defective products.

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