Over 300,000 Office Depot Chairs Recalled Over Fall Hazard

Posted on April 5, 2012

First there were two recalls concerning bike products, and now a second recall about a chair in one day?

Sad but true.  A Boca Raton, Florida-based company known as Swinton Avenue Trading has announced a recall of their Office Depot Brand Biella Leather Desk Chairs.  Swinton Avenue was responsible for importing the item, but it was a Chinese company known as Wonderful Year Inc. that actually manufactured it.

The issue has to do with a weld that keeps the seat plate connected to the gas lift.  This component can fail, and if that happens, the chair will detach from the base and is liable to fall while the users sits atop it.  Already, Office Depot has received 11 reports of just such a fall, with a few people needing medical treatment for abrasions.

A whopping 307,000 units are affected by this recall in the United States, with an additional 12,000 in Canada.  The recalled items have an SKU of 130458.  They were available at Office Depots across the country as well as their online store between January 2002 and December 2008.  They retailed for $55.

Office Depot is offering affected consumers a $55 gift card.  People are advised to stop using the chairs at once.

As a Ventura personal injury lawyer, I don’t think consumers should have to stand for a broken seat.  We deserve higher quality products, and I’m sad to see mundane items endanger our safety.  I hope as a Long Beach personal injury attorney that consumers don’t take this sitting down.

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