Nikon Warns Consumers About Defective Camera Battery

Posted on April 25, 2012

The latest product to get the consumer warning treatment is a camera that could have a defective battery.

Nikon is the company issuing the announcement, although they have stopped short of referring to the warning as a recall.  The alert concerns the company’s D800, D7000, D800E, and 1 V1 cameras.  These cameras all might use a defective EN-EL 15 battery.

Nikon has stated that the battery, which was provided to Nikon by a third party supplier, did not conform to the company’s safety standards.  There are rare instances in which the affected batteries can overheat.  This has the potential to deform the camera’s casing.  There haven’t been any reported incidents from consumers, but Nikon has confirmed the problem having occurred during manufacturing.

This announcement concerns only those batteries bought before February 29 of this year.  Concerned users are being instructed to check the lot number on the bottom of the battery.  If the 9th digit is E or F, the battery is defective.  Affected persons can contact Nikon to receive a free replacement of this component.

As a personal injury attorney in Fresno, I’m sad to see a product that could potentially harm a user.  Although the problem seems minor and there haven’t been any reported injuries or damage, I’m glad to see the company step up early and issue this announcement.  It’s my hope as a San Bernardino personal injury lawyer that the information ends up in the right hands.

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