NHTSA To Hold Meeting to Discuss Electric Car Battery Safety

Posted on April 20, 2012

Potential defects surrounding electric car batteries have caused the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to convene a summit designed to look into the safety of such components.

This summit will take place in Washington on May 18.  Announced today by the NHTSA,  the meeting aims to bring together representatives from the automotive industries and battery industries as well as various government officials.  The meeting will revolve around a discussion of safety considerations regarding lithium-ion battery powered vehicles such as the Chevy Volt.

Following a routine test at a Wisconsin NHTSA facility last June, a Chevy Volt caught fire, prompting many to question the safety of the electric vehicle and hindering confidence among consumers.  This unfortunate turn of events transpired just as the current administration attempted to make the proliferation of electric vehicles a cornerstone of domestic policy.

Such vehicles were dealt another blow when A123 Systems recalled a number of electric batteries that had been installed in vehicles made by Fisker Automotive and others.  This recall followed a study by Consumer Reports that uncovered a battery defect that could shut down the Fisker Karma automobile.

I’m sorry as a car accident attorney in San Jose to hear that these batteries might be unsafe.  I know how important the production of such vehicles is to both the environment and the economy, and I truly hope as a San Jose personal injury lawyer that automakers and government officials can work the kinks out so as to preserve public safety.

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