NHTSA Hopes New Program Will Eradicate Traffic Fatalities

Posted on April 20, 2012

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and other highway safety organizations are hoping that technology combined with new policies can make automobile accidents a thing of the past.

This incredibly ambitious goal actually has a name, and that name is Toward Zero Deaths, or TZD.  Using data from across the country in order to aid enforcement officials and mandate new safety standards, the NHTSA and various state departments of transportation think that they can prevent almost all car accidents in the future.  They want the current rate of 1.14 fatalities per one million vehicle miles traveled to be brought down as low as it could possibly go.

To aid the TZD initiative, officials utilize what’s known as the Four E’s.  This involves improving safety by improving enforcement, education, engineering, and emergency medical services.  An analysis of the data that governs these four areas can help officials get a grasp on the problems along the highway and how to fix them.

All different sorts of analytics can help officials in determining new safety guidelines.  We can now look at data regarding traffic volume, medical response times, education campaign success, and crash investigation, among other things.  This allows numerous safety officials across different organizations to identify driving trends and correct problem areas.

Technological innovation is an important part of safety, and as a car accident lawyer in Fresno, I hope we can make great strides in keeping highways fit for travel.  I know how vital such measures are as a Fresno personal injury lawyer.

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