New Survey Shows Prevalence of Roadside Work Zone Crashes

Posted on April 23, 2012

A new study shows that construction workers along the roadside might just have one of the most dangerous jobs out there.

Associated General Contractors of America was responsible for conducting the study, which showed that a whopping 68% of highway contractors across the country experienced an automobile crashing into a designated work zone in the past year alone.  400 contractors responded to the survey, which took place over the past two months.

Among the more shocking statistics, 18% of contractors have said that someone on their construction crew was fatally injured by a vehicle driving through the work zone.  And on top of that, an additional 28% had their workers injured.  These accidents in turn cause delays that then lengthen the amount of time construction areas need to be in place along the road.  Nearly half of these accident-induced delays lasted two days or more.

Although the accidents described above are typically more injurious to the defenseless workers than they are to motor vehicle operators, half of all crashes hurt vehicle occupants as well, and 15% prove fatal for a passenger or driver.

Not surprisingly, the people behind the survey emphasize safety, tougher laws, and the importance of the driver slowing down in order to curb these accidents.

Being a personal injury lawyer in Ventura, I know how vital this topic is.  Workers rely on drivers to afford them respect along the roads, as to do otherwise compromises not just their jobs but their lives.  It’s my desire as a Ventura car accident attorney to see all persons employ safe driving practices when near construction zones.

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