New North Carolina Service Helps Drivers Keep Up with Recalls

Posted on April 18, 2012

A new service being offered seeks to help automobile owners get recall announcements that could end up saving their lives.

The measure is being called the Auto Recall Alert Service, and it is being offered by the North Carolina Consumers Council, a non-profit organization.  Supporters of the organization and the new service claim that this new system will help those persons who have moved to North Carolina but failed to properly notify the manufacturer of their automobile.  When this happens, the manufacturer might not be able to contact a consumer in the event of a recall.  A similar thing could happen if a person buys a used car; the former owner might get the recall notice instead of the new one.

The Auto Recall Alert Service aims to change that.  It works like this:  members of the NCCC are allowed to sign up one or two vehicles.  The alert service will then monitor recall alerts on a daily basis and inform the consumer if the vehicle or vehicles they registered pop up as being under investigation for a defect or has been outright recalled.  The service will then notify the vehicle’s owner by way of text, mail, or email.

Considering how vital recall alerts are, I’m glad as a car accident attorney in Riverside to see a service that helps spread safety information.  Unfortunately, this service only concerns North Carolina at the moment.  This is why as a Riverside personal injury lawyer I do what I can to report any information that affects consumer safety across teh whole country.

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