New Airbag Technology Aims to Make Commute Safer

Posted on April 30, 2012

A new airbag has been designed, and its makers claim that its application will make drivers and passengers safer in the event of an accident.

The company touting the brand new airbags is PATEV Associates, a consulting firm working in cooperation with MBB International, the maker and patent holder of the technology.  The new airbag, which is being promoted through a program called “Better Airbags,” was designed to eliminate the need for a pyrotechnic explosion that prompts the airbag to go off.

The new airbag works via implementation of a high speed valve.  This valve can be adjusted to fit the driver and passenger of each vehicle.  By adjusting volume and air flow, airbags could be geared toward different body types instead of the one size fits all approach currently employed by airbag manufacturers.  Plus, the makers say that persons would not have to deal with possible dangers inherent with sudden carbon monoxide pollution.

This system could be updated in real time to reflect safety needs in the event of an accident.  PATEV says that the airbag can be inflated multiple times as well.  And after each accident, the new system can record the data associated with the incident, similar to an airplane’s black box.

I’ll be curious to see how safe such technology truly is as a San Bernardino personal injury lawyer.  I’m a big supporter of innovative safety technologies, but one must also be wary of what’s basically a press release.  If this device can truly make people safer, though, then as a car accident attorney in San Bernardino, I look forward to its implementation.

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